Shades of Green, Magnolia Palm Drive, Florida

Shades of Green, Magnolia Palm Drive, Florida

Shades of Green is located in the city of Bay Lake, Florida, near Orlando, Florida on Walt Disney World property. The Golf Resort was located in the middle of the Palm and Magnolia golf courses. It is hidden away on the grounds of Disney that’s just for members of the armed services, where prices are kept low enough to allow military families to experience Disney even when their travel plans are made at the very last moment.
Guest rooms are located in the two wings of the resort, the Magnolia Wing and the Palm Wing. Each standard guest room is the largest standard size room at Walt Disney World at 480 square feet (45 m2) and has two queen size beds and a single sleeper sofa. This resort has golf courses, features a lodge, heated pools, water slides, a poolside sports bar, tennis courts, video arcade, fitness facility and spa, wedding facilities and indoor parking. The resort also has a military exchange post, where members can purchase tax-free goods, and frequently offers discounted park tickets and free transportation to the parks.
This resort serves military person to thank them for the service they gave for their country.


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