Epcot Resorts Boulevard Florida

Epcot Resorts Boulevard

Epcot resort is surrounded by Cresent lake between Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World Resort which consists of six individual resorts, five of which are interconnected via footpaths and waterways.
It can be categorized as Disney Resorts, Vacation club villas and Non-Disney Resorts which are giving below:
All the resorts are Deluxe and of which are interconnected via footpaths and waterways in Epcot Disney resort except for Disney Carribean Resort is moderate resort which is away from other Epcot Deluxe Resorts in a different area. The Yacht & Beach Clubs are technically two separate hotels, they share amenities with one another, are physically connected to each other, and are functionally the same resort for many purposes.
-Disney Resorts
1.Disney’s Yacht Club Resort
2.Disney’s Beach Club Resort
3. Disney Boardwalk Inn
4.Disneys Carribean resort
-Vacation Club Villas
1. Disneys boardwalk villas
2. Disneys Beach club villas
3. Disney Rivera Resort this resort will be opening in 2019
These are Disney Deluxe Resort but it is not owned or operated by
the Walt Disney Company. The guests at these resorts receive certain perks that guests at Disney-owned resorts but don’t receive perks such as MagicBands
-Non-Disney Resorts
1.Walt Disney world dolphin
2.Walt Disney World Swan
Guests staying at any of the resorts in the Epcot Resorts Area, except for the Caribbean Beach Resort, have access to the International Gateway, a side entrance to Epcot’s World Showcase. The entrance is located directly north of Disney’s Beach Club Resort. Epcot resorts allow you to walk or boat to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. Generally speaking, the Swan and Dolphin resorts share a bus, the Yacht & Beach Club share a bus, and the Boardwalk has its own bus.


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